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Buy a Book

This year the Humboldt Library Foundation's 'Buy a Book' campaign has targeted the Children's Nonfiction Collection. While story-books, chapter books and fiction for children are chock full with new and timeless titles, the nonfiction is out of date.

Nonfiction Children's Collection - What's Possible!

  • New maps, new geography, explore the ocean floor or the highest peak. Kids are naturally curious and with new materials we can foster even more.
  • Know a child crazy about space travel, the universe, why stars shine in the night? New books will spark the curiosity of the youngest.
  • Dinosaurs fascinate, reptiles intrigue or is it bugs under rocks that interest your youngster? New interactive and colorful materials will provide a greater understanding of the world around us.

  • Did you know?

  • The library circulated over 667,000 items last year
  • There are currently 101,815 library cardholders in Humboldt County; 18,507 are held by youth.

  • Make your donation today. Use the enclosed envelope, or please visit our website at and use the Donate button. Buy a book today to honor or in memory of a friend.

    1 Book ~ $25; 2 Books ~ $50; 3 Books ~ $75; 4 Books ~ $100, Buy a Shelf ~ $500

    Click on the Donate Button on the left or print this form to mail with your gift.